Thursday, December 1, 2011


Last June we received a call from a very distraught pet parent, her dog had had gone missing on the #1 Highway. Weeks and then months went by and Harley was never found. Well, we just got an update!

"Hi my name is Teri Druar. I lost my dog Harley in June 2011. I posted a lost ad with you guys on June 20th. I just wanted to say Thank you very much, as we got our Harley back. A couple moving from Calgary to Swift Current saw him and picked him up. They googled lost Jack Russell hwy 1 and didn't get anything, a few months later, they tried the same thing but looked under the images button on google, and the picture you had on your website came up. Needless to say they gave us a call and we picked up Harley.
We just wanted to let BAPS know so they could take it off, and send our gratitude. Without your help we would have never got our member of our family back.

Thanks so much
Teri Druar "

This is amazing and was our goal for our Lost and Found Blog.

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